Dinosaurs Encourage a Pastor!


Over the years since we began Creation Family Ministries in 2000, we have been blessed to serve a couple times with Pastor James Haddix and Grace Baptist in Terre Haute, IN. One of those opportunities was when we had our dinosaur theme, “DinoMight.”

This small work has been in existence for many years, perhaps 30 or more.  In the past, they have had a small Christian school, and over the years have doubtless had an impact on countless lives!  The first time we were there for a meeting, I recall seeing in the church foyer pictures of days gone by as we waited for Brother & Mrs. Haddix.

Some of our ministry “tools” are the various themed promotional banners that catch people’s attention either inside or outside a building where the meeting takes place.  These tools are designed to sow a brief seed of Truth in the minds of those who       observe, albeit briefly as they drive by.

That year with our theme of dinosaurs, we had our floor-standing banner which has the above text from Job on it, highlighting “Behold now behemoth…which I made with thee…” Heather and I recall that Brother Haddix during the revival services that week raved a number of times, perhaps three or four, at how the LORD used that banner in his life as proof that the Bible explicitly states through God’s dialogue with Job that  dinosaurs and man lived at the same time!  That encouragement to a pastor, especially one with many years’ experience, was an encouragement to us!

While that encounter took place more than 10 years ago, it stood out in our minds.  Though we recall little else about those special times we had there, we do remember that origins truth became exciting to an older man who’d been in ministry for many years!  And, when a pastor is encouraged, the people are encouraged.  When they all are encouraged, we are encouraged!

As Saul of Tarsus in Acts said, “LORD, what wilt thou have me to do,” we request that you prayerfully consider what HE might have you to do in seeking to encourage others with origins truth, the foundation to all Scripture. The foundations of our nation, which are embodied in the phrase “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…” need to be restored.  And there is no more exciting tool to use in doing so than dinosaurs!


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