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The Setzers travel across America as "missionaries to young people" using Biblical creationism to fortify lives of young and old. Not only do they hold evangelistic meetings in churches of any size, but they also seek to build a ministry that promotes an awareness of how critical the subject of Biblical creationism is to every aspect of life...particularly to that of the Gospel and missions. Consequently, financial income from their meetings is not sufficient to meet their needs for the entire year.

Because of this, they raise support as they go. They have approximately 40% of their monthly needs with part of that from individuals and part from churches. The rest of their income is by faith through various love offerings. The LORD has supplied their needs through MANY different ways! 

Ministry Donations
Tax-deductible financial gifts to the Setzers can be made by mail or online through our mission board, Baptist Home Missions. If no deduction is desired, checks can be made out to CFM and sent by mail to:

Creation Family Ministries
3716 Puett Park Dr. Conover, NC 28613

Personal Love Gifts to Jeff & Heather Setzer OR Daniel & Sarah Ann O' Hara
Personal donations and love gifts can be made through Paypal or by physical checks sent to:

3716 Puett Park Dr. Conover, NC 28613


Awesome Science Media has made a way for creation ministries to participate in an effort that might be compared to a "creation science Netflix"!  Please consider purchasing a single episode or a monthly subscription to help CFM!  To help our labors in creation apologetics, use this link:

For questions or concerns, you can call us at (828) 238-0016 or email: