Vacation Bible School

Suggested Weekly Schedules


Saturday kickoff (suggested time: 10 am – noon; only a few helpers needed)
Saturday evening VBS worker mtg. (suggested time: 6–8 pm)
Sunday (regular service times):
Sunday school serves as VBS opening & class time
junior church serves as a “Rally Time”
* Jeff is available to preach in Sunday services, while Heather conducts the VBS
Monday – Thursday
(suggested time: 9:30 – noon)
Thursday evening “Parents / Awards Night”
(suggested time: 6:30 pm)


Saturday kickoff (suggested time: 6 - 8 pm)
Saturday morning VBS worker mtg. (suggested time: 10 – 11 am)
Sunday (regular service times):
Sunday school serves as VBS opening & class time
junior church serves as a “Rally Time”
* Jeff is available to preach in Sunday services, while Heather conducts the VBS
Sunday – Wednesday
(suggested time: 6:15 – 8:30)
Thursday evening “Parents / Awards Night”
(suggested time: 6:30 pm)

Suggested Daily Schedules
Arrival Time (~20 min.): 
Registration (CFM registration card provided)
Memory Verse time
Opening Time (~25 min.):
Handbooks Counted, Distributed
Team Competition (includes penny offering contest)
Story (told by Mrs. Heather Setzer)
Class Time (~20 min.): (1 or 2 teachers per class - supplied by the church)
Questions from Story (supplied by CFM)
Memory Verse time (teaching the verse for that day/night)
Refreshment Time (~15 min.)
“Rally Time” (~70 min.)
Team Competition
Fun Songs
Special “Water” Illustration
Creation Message / Invitation
Review Time (Game, e.g. “Bible Time Baseball”)
Award Time (Balloon Sculptures, etc.)
(Total time: ~ 2:15 – 2:30)

The VBS Philosophy of CFM
The philosophy of Creation Family Ministries concerning VBS is that:

  1. We consider VBS an important “revival week” for children.
  2. We consider VBS week an important week of evangelism for children who are churched or unchurched.
  3. We consider our VBS ministry an important break for church workers who many times are already over-worked.
  4. We often use the phrase, “fun with purpose.”  The fun things we do with the children (e.g. songs, review games) serve the purpose of creating a memory of church being an enjoyable place.  Not that everything must consist of “having fun,” but we desire that a lasting good memory is left in the child’s mind of a church function.
  5. Our overarching purpose is to use God’s creation and evidences of His Word to strengthen the faith of those who know Christ and to invite ones to come to Him who do not yet know Christ.  Strengthening the faith of those who know Christ will result in a stronger witness for Christ.

RV Specifications & Accommodations
The Setzers live full time in a 34’ fifth wheel (3 slide outs) which serves as both home and office on the road.  The best setup for this unit is to have an RV-friendly connection of 50 amps/220 service (30 amps is sufficient in cooler temps) and a water connection nearby.  In addition, a sewer connection is very helpful but not necessary.  Parking the RV on the church property is optimum because of the materials that we bring to set up:
Decorations (for the front of the auditorium)
Book tables (2 - 8’ or 3 - 6’ tables)
Fossil / artifact table
Retractable floor banners
Outdoor banner & yard signs
Expandable PVC frame

Secrets of the Sea Specifications
This theme involves a PVC pipe frame that serves as both decoration and projector screen.  This frame involves more time for set up.  Decorations for classrooms and any other area than the main auditorium should include the emphasized creatures/subjects:  fish, cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish, squid), sharks, whales, the Flood, plesiosaurs, and anything sea-related.  Some helpers are requested for carrying materials in at the beginning of the week and after the Thursday evening closing program.

The Setzers come on a love offering basis, asking reimbursement for materials such as awards, handbooks, and promotional materials (banners, yard signs, flyers, post cards, etc).  The penny offering taken during the opening time of each day of VBS can be used to help meet VBS expenses OR for a special church project. 

The rise of fuel prices in recent years has “nudged” us to request a deposit from each church for VBS meetings.  This year, we are requesting a suggested $200 - $300 (depending on the church’s budget).  Whatever can be sent ahead of time will help in providing for the entire summer!  Please send checks made out to “CFM” to:

Creation Family Ministries
PO Box 11196
Hickory, NC 28603

Questions?  E-Mail us at: 
Thank you for the opportunity to serve!