Helping people doubt Darwin and BELIEVE God. 

Darwin even doubted his own ideas...

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2023 Twelve Days of TRUTH!

Day 1:  Is there Intelligent Life in Outer Space?

Day 2:  Bats!  What's a Cricket or Moth to Do?

Day 3:  Health & a Happy Heart

Day 4:  Diamonds: A Creationist's Best Friend!

Day 5:  Sticking Your Neck Out with the Giraffe

Day 6:  The Fantastic Firefly!

Day 7:  The Eyes Have It!

Day 8:  Woolly Bear Wonder!

Day 9:  A Fantastic Fungus Among Us

Day 10: Trees: God's Tool to Hydrate the World!

Day 11: The Incredible Egg!

Day 12: Those Perplexing Pyramids