Does the Creator care about our health?  Yes!  With over 20 years in creation ministry, my wife and I have been on a pathway of learning about healthful measures that began while we were ministering at a church in TN from 1994-1997.  It was during this time that doctors wanted to put her on "the pill" to correct a female issue, but for some reason we were not comfortable with that option.  It just so "happened" that her mom and dad attended church in NC with a young lady who had quite a bit of experience and training as a naturopath.  Through their conversation at church, we learned about wild yam cream, a natural progesterone.  Through following a certain regimen of external application over a period of time, the issue was eradicated and she did not have to go on "the pill."  Later, when we moved back to NC to live with my in laws and travel with an evangelist, we ended up going to see the naturopath regularly and have been seeing her ever since.  Each time we have an appointment, we learn about something new or of some new aspect regarding what we already know or use.  Scripture tells us that God gave "herb for the service of man" and "bread which strengtheneth man's heart" (Psalm 104:14-15) and "...that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (3 John v. 2).  Jesus even went about healing folk while He was on earth prior to His crucifixion and resurrection!  As the Creator of our bodies, the Great Physician is the One Who brings healing in our bodies.  In fact, He has created bodies that heal themselves!  When we cut ourselves, our bodies have mechanisms in place that over time that work to stop the bleeding and heal the cut.   So it is with every other issue, the body has the "good guys" (e.g. white blood cells) that fight against the "bad guys" (e.g. germs, toxins).  Simply put, we must strengthen the good in order to overcome the bad.  By and large, the modern medical system, coupled with our standard diet, is NOT oriented toward strengthening our God-given, God-designed bodily functions such as our immune systems.  On every hand, we hear of cancer, heart problems, COVID, blood pressure problems, kidney function issues, and so much more.  Of course, we live in a fallen world that exhibits the results of the violation by our first parents (Adam & Eve) of the design of God which was for them to NOT eat of the tree called the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil."  They did, and the Bible tells us the result:  "For as in Adam all die." (1 Corinthians 15:22).  This means that we all will die, no matter what natural, healthful measures we take.  Life is short.  However, this life on earth can be greatly helped health-wise if we listen to God's Word and study His works in creation, namely His created herbs!  In addition, like Luke the "beloved physician" (Colossians 4:14) certainly was gifted with abilities and knowledge of treatments for ailments in his day, long before modern medicine, so there are individuals (doctors, nurses) in our day that are gifted with a desire to help people and discern their physical ailments.  However, the way the system is set up, they generally are not trained in healthful measures and know very little of the importance of diet.  Instead, the ever-increasing realm of pharmaceutical drugs and surgical procedures, that sometimes can be helpful but predominantly are NOT in accord with how God designed the body to heal itself, are what dominates the minds of medical professionals and most average people.  That is all they know because that is all they have learned and heard!  What we will be sharing on this site are tools and methods that have been a help to us and others we know, so that you, in turn, can receive a blessing health-wise!  Stay tuned for more! 🙂

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