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Take a look at our past posts with titles such as: “Back Home” (10/31/19) “Post Conference Update” (2/20/19) “Memorial Day Blessing” (5/29/17) “The Secret of Sinai” (9/3/16) “It’s Time to Pressure our Legislators to Stand Up for the Constitution!” (4/4/16) “Mountain Mysteries 2016” (3/31/16) “June 2015 Creation Chronicle” (6/2/15)  

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The Secret(s) of Sinai

While our Mountain Mysteries theme isn’t the most “exciting” of our five creation themes (as compared to subjects like big cats and dinosaurs), it does cover foundationally important subjects like how the eruption of Mt. St. Helens carved canyons that mirror others that are said to have formed over “millions of years.”  Yet, only ONE…

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