Jeff & Heather Setzer
Using creation to turn
hearts to the Creator...

Since 1994, Jeff & Heather Setzer have served churches across America conducting summer vacation Bible schools. In 1997, they began to understand how critical the foundational doctrine of creation is to an individual’s view of themselves, their family, and of society.  

In 2000, they introduced their first creation theme, Dino Might. Since then, they have produced four more themes:  Mountain Mysteries, Secrets of the Sea, Wilderness Wonders, and Jungle Tales.

In addition, they conduct area conferences and special Sundays, provide creation resources, minister in music, assist in revival meetings, and serve in a variety of ways assisting families and local churches.

Feel free to browse our site and to email us with any questions. (creationfamin@yahoo.com)

Ministry Resources
Kentucky Creation Museum

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2018 Theme
Wilderness Wonders Visit our Wilderness Wonders website for more information about our 2018 series of VBS programs and conferences!

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Creation Themes
Creation Themes: DinoMight, 
Secrets of the Sea, 
Wilderness Wonders, 
Jungle Tales, 
Mountain Mysteries

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